Awesome Drugstore Find: Petites Color Fever Black Diamond

A couple months ago I had heard through the grapevine that a new Petites nail polish range was popping up at Rite Aid drugstores. The line is called Color Fever and it is quite different from the regular Petites lineup: the colors are bolder, the bottle style is different, and the price is higher at $3.99 per bottle. The bottles still hold the same amount as the classic Petites bottles (.25 OZ) yet we are paying more... perhaps we are paying more for the fancy bottle, maybe for the trendier colors. Price difference aside I am really fond of the Color Fever range so far.

My first purchase was Black Diamond... a charcoal creme with intermittent holographic glitter. I took it out of the bag after I walked out of the store and held it in the sun to see how impressive the holo was and I was pleasantly surprised! Black Diamond has since become one of my favorite drugstore finds.

Black Diamond, full sun

It took me two coats of Black Diamond to get a nice opaque finish. The formula is smooth and incredibly easy to work with, and it is surprisingly pigmented and full of holo particles. I had no dragging or spots when I applied my second coat.

As you can see the holographic aspect of the polish is intermittent in the sense that it isn't as in-your-face holographic as OPI My Private Jet. Black Diamond is similar to Color Club Revvvolution in terms of their holographic finishes, but Black Diamond leans more black than Revvvolution, which is dark gray in my eyes.

If you are a fan of holos, I would recommend picking up Black Diamond next time you're in Rite Aid! What a great little polish! I feel that it is worth the price tag, but there are some colors in the Color Fever range that I feel aren't worth the price... you could easily find full size 15 ml bottles of some of those colors for the same price.

What are your favorite drugstore polishes?


Leeblee said...

Wow what a great holo!
Strange that they're charging more for it though...

Tara said...

I used to work at Rite Aid, long before my polish fascination. Man, it would have been great to use my employee discount on a haul there! this is sickly beautiful and the next time I'm going out, I'm raiding a rite aid! lol no really though, nice job.

Tessa said...


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