China Glaze's Summer 2011 Sneak Peek!

Weeeelllll helllllllooooooo everyone! I have to apologize for my lack of posts over the past month. I have been so embarrassed by my nails and they have been camera shy for weeks now. I took a bunch of NOTD photos to share a while ago but when I looked at them I realized my nails looked like crap and deleted them all. I have been in a nail funk lately and it sucks!

I am coming out of hiding to show you an awesome sneak peek for China Glaze's Summer 2011 collection that I found while Googling different brands along with "Summer 2011." I found a blog, Nailmall, that had these photos featured and I just had to share them!

The collection is called Island Escape and it consists of three glitters, two cremes, and one shimmer. The colors are bold, bright, and definitely tropical! There have been a lot of nice fall collections this year, but I am relieved to see what waits for us lacquer lovers in the winter!

I am really looking forward to seeing what these glitters are going to look like. I wonder if they are going to look anything like the Specialty Glitters that China Glaze released a little while ago. For some reason the thought of summer glitters really excites me, I don't recall seeing any summer glitter polishes recently!

The bottle shots in this picture give a slightly better representation of the colors than the dots in the first picture... that orange really reminds me of Sun Worshiper from the Poolside collection! Wouldn't it be cool if China Glaze came out with another glass fleck collection similar to their Summer Days collection? I have high hopes for Island Escape and I am SO looking forward to seeing swatches of this collection!

Are you excited about this collection?