Zoya's looking for 20,000 Fans!

Zoya is looking to hit the 20,000 Likes mark on facebook and is promising a wonderful reward in return! If their facebook page reaches 20,000 Likes before January 3rd, they will release a code that will be good for 3 free polishes! Let's help them reach this goal! Click on the image below to reach their facebook page.

I am a HUGE fan of Zoya nail polish. I don't have a single Zoya polish that I am not pleased with. The range of colors that they offer is incredible, and they don't limit themselves to 'tame' colors. I love that their polishes wear so long on me and are such a dream to apply.

Zoya's most recent offering, the Flame collection

My two newest Zoya colors are from the Flame collection. I chose Gloria and Crystal. Gloria is a gorgeous rosy pink flecked with gold, and Crystal is an icy gold-flecked blue that is perfect for winter. Both colors applied fabulously, and were opaque with two coats. I wish I had swatches to show!
Spread the word about their promo! Let's help them reach their goal of 20,000 Likes!


KarenD said...

I like Zoya a lot, too. Crystal and Valerie are my two favorites from Fire & Ice.