Back from a long break with a stash tour!

Hello, everyone! Long time no post! I have to apologize for not updating as faithfully as I would like to. A couple months ago I decided to start taking biotin to kinda give my nails an overhaul and they aren't really where I want them to be. Again I find myself battling an awful case of peelies and I've had to file my nails down to give myself a fresh start. I'm hoping that with my intense moisturizing and religious use of treatments I might see some length in the coming weeks. I would really like to start taking swatch photos again! I am tired of having bad nail luck!

In the meantime I thought it might be nice to post some updated stash photos. I actually got an Ikea Helmer for Christmas from my boyfriend Damon's mom, which was probably the best gift I got! I didn't hesitate to assemble it and fill it up right after I got it home! It felt SO GOOD to upgrade from my old three-drawer Jetmax cube from Michael's... I feel like I am playing in the big leagues now!

So there she is in all her beauty! I actually do my nails right on top of it, which is made possible by my Jansjo lamp (also from Ikea) and a little wooden stool that I picked up from Ross. That guitar belongs to Damon, in case anyone was wondering!


In the first drawer I keep my Zoya, Orly, FingerPaints, and China Glaze. My Zoya collection has grown in size thanks to their recent sale and Get 3 Free promotion!

In my second drawer I've got OPI, Milani, Rescue Beauty Lounge, American Apparel, Lippmann, Nfu Oh, GOSH, Tarina Tarantino, Stargazer, Nails Inc, and Chi. My OPI stash seems pretty lacking!

My third drawer holds Color Club, Sinful Colors, Barielle, Petites Color Fever, Nicole, Ozotic Pro, Hard Candy, Wet n Wild, Funky Fingers, Pure Ice, Rimmel, Nina Ultra Pro, and Savvy Femme Couture. This drawer is nearly packed!

In my super-packed fourth drawer lives all my Sally Hansen, Claire's, Icing, Revlon, Maybelline, Hot Topic, and Borghese.

Fifth drawer holds cotton rounds and random single bottles of polish with no "family members". Is it weird that I group all the brands that I only have one of in one drawer? I keep polishes I've used to franken with in the little white basket.

My final drawer holds all my backups (in the front of the drawer), implements and brushes in the clear bin (which also has two of my swaplist polishes in it for some reason), treatments and topcoats live in the white basket, and those Color Clubs haven't been added to my spreadsheet yet.


Finally, here is the overall group shot! I hope you all enjoyed my tour!



KarenD said...

Great entry--I loved seeing your stash!

Unknown said...

Awesome pics :), I need to do another stash pic..I think I'll do one for my 1 yr. anniversary :) said...

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